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Kid Conditioner 250ml
-60 %
The gentle formula with lovely fresh scent protects and cares for the hair. Leaves hair soft, manageable and shiny. Gives perfect texture without weighing it down. Without parabens. Natural hydration and protection.Apply an amount to hair and let the child's hair for two minutes. Rinse the cream tho..
ر.س26.40 ر.س66.00
Kid Spray Condtitioner 200ml
-60 %
With gentle composition untangles hair painlessly and instantly. The vitamin B5 and B6 complex helps in healthy growth of hair, giving them shine and elasticity. With antistatic agents leaves no residue on the hair. Without parabens and with a lovely fresh scent. Natural hydration and protection fro..
ر.س24.00 ر.س60.00
-60 %
Gentle shower gel for body & hair. It is ideal for daily care in children and infants, with Ph compatible with their skin. Cleanses without irritating the skin, giving proper hydration and softness.Apply an amount in your hand and wash the body and the children’s hair. Rinse the foam thoroughly...
ر.س36.00 ر.س90.00
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