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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions represent a binding agreement between you and (Samapharma), so we hope to read the following terms carefully, and therefore at:

Your use of the website, this means that you agree to these terms and conditions that govern your use of the website,

In the event that these conditions are not agreed upon, the use of the website must be stopped, and the terms "Smapharma" or "We" should indicate

And what they mean to Smapharma Foundation; Owner and operator of the site, and the term site or website refers to services

Submitted by Smapharma, while the term "you" or "the customer" refers to the person who uses the site or the entity that the person represents on behalf of

Payment policy:

Payment options

To make it easier for all of our customers to purchase, we provide you with many different payment methods and means. All you have to do

It is choosing the payment method that suits you the most and then completing the purchase.

Credit Cards - Visa, MasterCard - Mada

You can pay the value of the order through credit cards, whether Visa, MasterCard or Mada with ease and security.

At Smapharma, we are keen to provide a 100% safe shopping experience, including various payment methods and credit cards.

In the event that the amount is transferred by the customer to Samapharma bank accounts and without an application number, the amount will be returned to the customer with the difference in the bank transfer being borne by the customer


Exchange and Refund Policy:

* In the event that the customer requests to cancel the purchase process before preparing it for shipping and delivery and (before issuing the invoice)

The customer has the right to recover the full amount he paid if he wants to cancel the invoice if the invoice is not issued and before it is prepared for shipping or delivery, and it will be returned

The amount within a period determined by the Finance Department from canceling the order when the data required for transfer is available from the customer.

* In the event that the customer requests cancellation or replacement after shipping or receiving the order

The customer has no right to return or exchange the products after receiving them, except in one case

The existence of a manufacturing defect in the products

- In the event that products are sent that are different from the customer’s request (an error by Smapharma), the customer has the right to request to exchange them with the correct products by communicating through the available means.

By calling the unified number or communicating via the Smapharma social media sites or via e-mail

Unified number 920003323 or email

A maximum of 24 hours after receiving the shipment, and after receiving the call from Samapharma

Correct order is shipped to the same address as the order registered

- The customer has no right to amend the order after completing the purchase


Shipping policy:

We appreciate your desire to obtain your product as soon as possible. We at Smapharma do our utmost to fulfill your request and deliver it to

Your doorstep as soon as possible, and Samapharma deals with the best shipping companies to serve you in the best way

* To receive your order as soon as possible, we ask you to be careful in providing us with the following data:

 Full name, mobile number, detailed address (city - district - street - building - nearest landmark).

* The order cannot be canceled after issuing the invoice

* Smapharma has the right to cancel the request if it is suspected that it is a fraudulent request.

* Shipping companies deliver your order to your door, and you can request to receive your order from their office by calling them


In the event that the customer does not receive the shipment and returns it to Samapharma warehouses for the following reasons

Neglect by the customer of the shipment and not receiving it

- The customer filled in the wrong numbers or the wrong address

Contact the customer to return the shipment with an addition of 50 riyals fees to send the shipment again to our customers inside Saudi Arabia

(25 riyals to return the shipment from the shipping company to Samapharma warehouses, and 25 riyals to return it to the customer)

And the Gulf states to send the shipment again add a fee of 160 riyals

(80 riyals to return the shipment from the shipping company to Samapharma warehouses and 80 riyals to return it to the customer)

By transferring it to Samapharma's bank accounts, which will be provided to the customer via an email

Shipping and delivery rates

The price of shipping and delivery to all regions is 25 Saudi riyals only.

The customer is not entitled to claim the money back for the request in the event that the shipment is not received and returns to Smapharma warehouses

And for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries 80 Saudi riyals



order tracking:

When the order is shipped, the shipment number will be updated for your order, and as soon as it leaves Samapharma warehouses, it will be sent

A text message to the customer with the shipment number, and you can track your order by entering the shipping companies' website and entering the shipment number



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